Digital + Mixed media

Digital sculpture

“Johnathan A. Roberts transmits his cheerful nature to his paintings, which act on the observer like an elixir. Full of vivid colors, the images take us away to an imaginary world in which everyone sees what they want, and the impression they leave us with can only be positive.”
– Daniela Bilopavlović Bedenik, art historian and Senior Curator in the Zagreb Contemporary Art Museum Department of Outsider art (Source: catalogue of the “Spring Convergence” exhibition)


“An encounter with Johnathan Roberts’ paintings brings something new. With recognizable poetics based on the interplay of abstract and figurative elements, along with literal allusiveness and vibrant, bright colorism strengthened by the pointillist method of color application, each cycle of his paintings allows us to take one step closer to broadening our visual, cognitive and spiritual consciousness. In the visual sense, we note the consistency in creation of his esthetically attractive style never slips into the trap of a one-off likeability. The painter’s canvas, strongly energized by the structure of and relationships between colors is a double window into the world of the imaginary and the real.” – Barbara Vujanović, art historian and Senior Curator at the Ivan Meštrović Museums. (Source: catalogue of the “Extremophiles” exhibition.)

Textile design

“Both of Johnathan Roberts’ sources of inspiration, the one that refers to nature and its organic structure, as well as the other that points to an irrational and speculative component, summarize his painting in its firmly conceived artistic expression as uniquely valuable in contemporary art.” – Milan Bešlić, art historian, author, critic and curator for Modern Gallery, Zagreb (Source: catalogue of the “Mindscapes” exhibition)

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